Where Everything Began

In 2021 I had enough of work and staying at home because of COVID. I wanted something new. I wanted to get out. I needed freedom. After thinking about an option, I decided to go abroad. To be in a compromise with my parents I chose to go for an internship so I could have something for my CV too.  

The value of travelling is too precious. It changes you and your life. In a good way. Even the worst situation makes you become better. I was becoming so creative and spontaneous. I noticed that the freer you become and the more space you have for yourself, the more creative and imaginative you are. So, I started brainstorming ideas for the future. My vision was not clear but I knew what I wanted in life and what to do with it. One of the biggest mistakes we all make nowadays is wasting it. We waste time with our phones, games or Netflix. The real treasure becomes invisible. The earth.

Time is important. It doesn’t come back, neither the chances. For the first time I had the thought about time being actually very precious and every moment every second is once in a life time. I promised myself not to waste my time. Especially spending it on social media for hours was my biggest mistake for so many years. It was time for a change.

In my first week I really learned what it means to be alone. I started to eat alone in restaurants and went for sightseeing on my own. There was a feeling that I didn’t know about yet. The feeling of being alone but not feeling alone. A feeling of peace, tranquility and serenity. At first, I was uncomfortable but later I saw the value in it and I became more confident. Through the language school, I made friends and started hanging out with them. My first meeting with them was on 12th of June 2021 on the train station of Valencia. I went on a trip with people I never saw before. That was a funny day I really like to remember. On that day, I met a girl who would soon become my best friend. We didn’t talk much on that day, maybe 1-2 sentences in total. I must admit I judged her in my head, thinking “OMG, she’s so shy”. Now we both laugh about it. By the way, she was also judging me. Now we are best friends. The rest of my time in Valencia, I spent with the people I met that day.

I met so many people, saw so many places, and experienced so many precious moments. And it was not enough. I was living a dream. I always wanted to go abroad and see the world. Since my early years, I had this passion for travel. As a Turkish and Muslim girl, it was not easy for me. I had to fight for it, but it was all worth it, and surprisingly, my parents were also supportive. It is important to fight for something you truly want and not give up. Remember, consistency is the key. You can apply this principle to everything in life. To reach your goals, dreams and your better self. My mindset started to change, and my dreams and goals became different.

I will never forget the feelings, the people, and the place. I left Valencia but Valencia never left me.